Production process

production_process (2)

01 Design

Using FULL CAD Drawing,
2D or 3D design of the high quality press
that meets specifications approval
requirements by customers

production_process (3)

02 Cutting

Cutting (CNC automatic cutting)
by the 2D CAD Drawing Layout
that is designed according to specifications
approved by customers

production_process (4)

03 Welding

Perform the grinding work and remove
elements hindering the operations, scale, slag
and other welding by using
the specified welding rod (CO2 WIRE)

production_process (5)

04 Annealing

Improved the reduction of residual stress
and material quality of the welding section
by the annealing (heat treatment)

production_process (6)

05 Shot

Operation to remove the mill scale and
impurities on the surface for
the high quality of the press (AIR SHOT BLAST)

production_process (7)

06 Processing

Perform process operations in accordance
with materials, dimensions, tolerances,
and illumination specified in the design
specifications. (CNC BORING, PLANER)

production_process (8)

07 Assembly

Foreign Image enhancement and
product quality improvement by performing
the plumbing, wiring, assembly, test operation
and paint job according to specifications

production_process (9)

08 Packaging

Packaging operations in preparation
for the damage, waterproof, moisture-proof,
theft, loss, temperature, and corrosion
by the impact of the product

production_process (10)

09 Delivery

Deliver products by dispatching

appropriate transportation vehicles

after checking the block-specific

weight of press products.

production_process (1)

10 E&C

Perform the plumbing, wiring, assembly
and operation during the installation
according to specifications in order to provide
the high quality press to the customer