Quality control

Quality control

Chengdu Zhengxi hydraulic press manufacturer fully implements the ISO9001 quality system and strictly implements three inspections in production, namely raw material inspection, process inspection, and factory inspection. Measures such as self-inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection are also adopted in the production circulation process to ensure product quality. Ensure that non-conforming products do not leave the factory. Organize production and provide products in strict accordance with user requirements and relevant national standards to ensure that the products provided are new and unused products. Moreover, we made hydraulic press machines with appropriate raw materials and advanced technology to ensure that product quality, specifications and performance are consistent with user requirements . The goods are transported in an appropriate manner, and the packaging and marking comply with national standards and user requirements.

Production Workshop One

1. Quality system: In order to effectively control the factors affecting product technology, management, and personnel to prevent and eliminate unqualified products. The company has formed a quality system document in a planned and systematic manner, and strictly implemented it to ensure quality assurance The system continues to be effective.

2. Design control: To ensure that the hydraulic press machine design and development are planned and executed according to the design control procedure, and to ensure that the product meets the relevant national standards and user requirements.

3. Control of documents and materials: In order to maintain the completeness, accuracy, uniformity, and effectiveness of all quality-related documents and materials of the company, and to prevent the use of invalid or invalid documents. The company strictly controls documents and materials.

4. Purchasing: In order to meet the quality requirements of the company's final products, the company strictly controls the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials and external parts. Strict control on supplier qualification verification and procurement procedures.

5. Product identification: In order to prevent raw and auxiliary materials, outsourced parts, semi-finished products and finished products from being mixed in production and circulation, the company has stipulated the way of marking products. When traceability requirements are specified, each product or batch of products shall be uniquely identified.

6. Process control: The company effectively controls each process that affects product quality in the production process to ensure that the final product meets the specified requirements.

7. Inspection and test: In order to verify whether various items in the production process meet the specified requirements, the inspection and test requirements are specified, and records must be kept.

A. Purchase inspection and test

B. Process inspection and test

C. Final inspection and test

8. Control of inspection, measurement, and test equipment: In order to ensure the accuracy of inspection and measurement and the reliability of the value, and meet the requirements of production, the company stipulates that inspection, measurement, and test equipment shall be controlled, checked and repaired in accordance with regulations.

Production Workshop Two (Large Lathe)

1. Control of unqualified products: In order to prevent the release, use, and delivery of unqualified products, the company has strict regulations on the management, isolation, and handling of unqualified products.

2. Corrective and preventive measures: In order to eliminate actual or potential unqualified factors, the company has strictly regulated corrective and preventive measures.

3. Transportation, storage, packaging, protection and delivery: In order to ensure the quality of foreign purchases and finished products, the company has formulated strict and systematic documents for handling, storage, packaging, protection and delivery, and strictly controlled them.

Quality Policy, Goal, Commitment

Quality Policy

Customer first; quality first; strict process control; creating a first-class brand.

Quality Objectives

Customer satisfaction rate reaches 100%; timely delivery rate reaches 100%; customer opinions are processed and feedbacked 100%.