500T Single-column press-fitting and straightening machine

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Our single-column hydraulic press adopts the C-shaped structure, which has a wide range of versatility. It is suitable for the pressing of plastic materials and powder products; the correction of shafts and other similar parts; the pressing of electrical parts; the stretching and forming of small plate-shaped parts Process uses such as blanking, creasing, and embossing.

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1. Yz41 series single-column hydraulic press is a multi-functional medium and small hydraulic press, suitable for shaft parts, profile correction and shaft pressing. At the same time, it can also complete sheet metal parts bending, embossing, sleeve forming, simple parts stretching, etc. It can also be used to press powder and plastic products that are not very demanding.

2. Yz41 series products are suitable for machine tools, internal combustion engines, textile machinery, shafts, bearings, washing machines, automobile motors, air-conditioning motors, electrical appliances, military enterprises, assembly lines of foreign-funded enterprises and other industries.

3. Our company has strong technical force and can meet various requirements of users (such as technical parameters, specifications, tonnage, etc.).


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