Composite Hydraulic Press Application

Composite Hydraulic Press Application

With the continuous demand of the market and the rapid development of the aerospace automobile industry, in order to adapt to the market competition, glass fiber reinforced plastics, high-strength plastics and other products have generally appeared; due to the advantages of moderate cost, short manufacturing cycle, and simple process, they are quickly and widely used. At the same time, the application industry is also growing rapidly.

There are many types of composite materials. At present, the widely used composite materials in the hydraulic press molding on the market include glass fiber, carbon fiber, basalt fiber and other leading materials.
The hydraulic press is mainly responsible for the molding process in the product process, using various types of molds to form through high pressure and thermosetting. According to different molds and product formulations, composite products of various shapes, colors and strengths are manufactured.

The frame type composite material forming machine designed by Chengdu Zhengxi Hydraulic Company mainly has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, precision and stability, etc. It adopts eight-sided guide, servo precision control, fast positioning 0.01mm, and pressure control within 0.2% , strong stability, low scrap rate, fast product forming, currently in the market to be recognized by many industry professionals, and successfully sold to Europe.

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Post time: Apr-27-2022