What to do if the Hydraulic Press has Insufficient Pressure

What to do if the Hydraulic Press has Insufficient Pressure

Hydraulic press machines commonly use hydraulic oil as the working medium. In the process of using a hydraulic press, sometimes you will encounter insufficient pressure. This will not only affect the quality of our pressed products but also affect the factory’s production schedule. It is very important to analyze the cause of insufficient hydraulic press pressure and solve it. This article will focus on these issues.

What is the reason for insufficient pressure in the hydraulic press?

1. The pressure efficiency of the pump itself is too low or the leakage is too large. Its insufficient pressure prevents the hydraulic system from maintaining normal operation.
2. The normal pressure supplied by the original hydraulic pump leaks due to damage or blockage of the speed regulating valve, making it impossible to adjust.
3. The amount of hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank is insufficient and the system is empty.
4. The hydraulic system of the hydraulic press leaks and oil leaks.
5. The oil inlet pipe or oil filter is blocked.
6. The hydraulic pump is seriously worn or damaged.

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How to fix insufficient hydraulic press pressure?

When the pressure of the hydraulic press is insufficient, it will affect the normal use of the hydraulic press and should be repaired in time. The specific maintenance methods are as follows:

1. First, check the oil level. If the oil level is below the minimum mark, add oil.
2. If the oil volume is normal, check whether there is any leakage in the inlet and outlet oil pipes. If there is a leak, it should be repaired or replaced.
3. If the inlet and outlet pipes are well sealed, check the working condition of the inlet and outlet pressure valves. If the inlet and outlet pressure valves cannot be closed, they should be removed. Check whether there are cracks or scars on the upper parts, whether the oil passages and oil holes are smooth, and whether the spring stiffness is reduced. Address these issues promptly.
4. If the pressure valve is normal, remove the oil pipe or filter for inspection. If there is a blockage, the sediment should be cleaned.
5. If the oil pipe is smooth, check the hydraulic pump. Replace the hydraulic pump if necessary.
6. If the hydraulic oil foams, check the installation of the oil pipe. If the oil level in the oil return pipe is lower than the oil level in the oil tank, the oil return pipe should be reinstalled.

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How to avoid insufficient hydraulic press pressure?

To avoid insufficient pressure of the hydraulic press, the following three aspects must be carried out:

1. To ensure that the oil pump discharges oil smoothly, it needs an appropriate oil output and sufficient pressure to maintain the normal operation of the system.
2. Ensure that the relief valve can be used normally to avoid blockage and damage.
3. Make sure there is sufficient oil in the tank to avoid problems such as system emptying.

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Post time: Mar-14-2024